Sunday, June 19, 2005

there goes...

I'd never thought I'd ever post something cheesy. So if you are a solid-i-dontlike cheesy gay stuff like flowers and cakes and chesse itself- sorta person, you can stop reading. But then if you are also an-i- am so always very curios and i dont care whether the cat dies or not- sorta person then you can carry on. Either ways, you have been warned.

So, Mohd is gone. Not off this planet, but off the arabian penninsula atleast :P. I went to see him off on the airport.

As much as I wanted it to be something grand, it was just the same. "Good bye and i love you" and a hug. We had already given him a gift(and for all the loosers who havent paid, I want my money:P), so I didnt give him anything else. Although I thought we could share ICE TEA together but the can fell off my hand when i called in the trolly.

Ok, here's another embarrassing part. As soon as he reached the airport, I came in with a trolly so that to help them put their bags. BUT LAA! .. they had already called a coolie, and well .. I had to take them trollies back .. :P. I could here wicked laughter inside the car. Both of his sisters laughing their heads off. I dont go off well with his sister anyways so .... monkey!!

Anyways everything else went pretty smooth. I sneaked my way into the Baggage lounge but well, I didnt need to, coz they werent checking. Hence all my covert ducking and scrambling was nothing but to my own enjoyment.

Mohd's been and will be a pappu friend always. He wasnt exactly a perfect definition of the CALL ME ANY TIME friend. I mean when you call him at 3 Am he wud go like WTF? not coz of the time but coz he was expecting somone else's call .. :P LOL. Jokes aside, LOADS Of DUA for him, in whatever he is gonna do their which is RIGHT!. And hopefully he gets me good stuff when he comes back:). Thanx for the pappu time and your broad shoulder for my drool. And thanx alot for holding me back and bearing all the gaaliyan and smacks on the back. Also, hmmm .. also .... whatever dude you know i love ya! (not in any homosexual way).

May Allah Give You The Best of Both Worlds - Aameen

Quote of the day :- NUMA NUMA YEAH!

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Anonymous said...

thank you soo much for the duain.. and for ure well wishes!! and btw.. no dua for me when i do sumthing rong?:P
neways.. thanks alot..
and ya.. i love ya too:P