Saturday, June 25, 2005

I saw it again.

I was at ABRA again. Past 10. I waited for the boat to leave the edge and it felt awkward to see my friend standing on the pavement; waiting for the boat to leave. And so it reversed after the last lady boarded on, the grey pollution emptying the boats body into air and water. I covered my nose and mouth.

I was hoping to see her again. I knew she wont come full but that doesnt hide the beauty; at least for me. I saw something glow. It was the neon board again.

The sky wasnt cloudy, from what i could make out of it. So I searched and searched a little more, the black skies over the sea. While underneath, the black waters danced quickly away. We were travelling fast.

Time was to get off now. As scared as I am, I jumped off last. I walked the rest of the way home, on a usual route, when suddenly after the castle center, there was an unconcious change in plans.

So I walked the OTHER way and half way down the street, I see her.

Well, not completely. An army of black clouds like horses, surrounded the beautiful woman between them. They raced constantly..... in circles? I dont know. But it was hard to see her in full grace. And hard to see her shine. Even harder to try to free her.

Nonetheless, it was as animated as weekend, only that this was in the heavens ... in space.

While everyone below took no heed, the moon shone calmly from behind the moving bars. Waiting .. if somone could see her, someone could free her....
.... or just love her, if nothing else.


Deep Purple said...

all i can say is awwwww
u r in love, God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeh.. in love wid God's nature :)..

L u D a said...

love and like everything, until there is a reason not to.
thankyou jazaakALLAh every1 :)

Anonymous said...


D3V!LZ~ADV0CAT3 said...

WHOA!!! dude...deep...this post is damn deep!!! (no no all pervs out there dun get me wrong) sheesh i knew u were emotional...but this emotional...i really had no idea...but seriously this post helped me peek onto a side of u i dint knw abt...great going!!!

Subhana said...

:) ... This is truly beautiful. Captivating to say the least. Very beautifully written, sense of beauty indeed. :)

L u D a said...

jazaakALLAH .. :)to all.