Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am suffering from INSOMNIA once again. Perhaps its a choice or maybe just a state that I have implied on my self. Not that it matters, but I sort of enjoy it. Been up for over 52 hours now and am not planning to sleep this night as well. Got alot to do.

And to add cream to the cake, i had been walking from my home - Burdubai - my home again. That is why I say RED BULL is good. On my way back, i felt a little weak. But i knew that i needed to stay up and awake and well have to work all night, so i cant doze off. So I bought redbull.

I have been on red bull many times before but its always been for MIND work and game. Today was the first time it had a purpose, more physical. And as soon as the first few drops of RED BULL rejuvinated my oesophagus / throat, I felt an amazing urge to RUN; but I didnt, coz well Red bull could spill off and I didnt want that to happen. Anyways keeping aside all the SO CALLED side effects that it had/has, it still does best what it is made for. "REVITALISES MIND AND BODY".

On the other hand, the walk was good. I got the card for the teacher. Also I got to know that I am VERY SALTY. This I can say because of the ammount of white lines that mark my shirt and pant which are due to the salt content in my sweat.

Morever, I realised how beautiful ABRA is. Usually I am with my friends so I never notice but today as I was alone half the way, it was really very statisque. To add to the beauty was the FULL MOON. The circular disc of radiant light glowed over the sea and moved with the boat .. with me. And then i noticed another glowing. A more powerful one from behind a mosque. It was a neon board. As I rode, there was a steady change of life. The Abra is a monumental place of hertige and modern scenary. The windtowers lingering the arabian foreworld at the banks on one side, and the glass towers imaging the economically stable Arab on the other. Even the harbour with ancient wooden ships stands large, while amongst them I could see the more technologically advanced powerboats and moving restaurants roaming the black currents. And to top it off, the clear, full Moon.

Hmm.. wonderful, it is.

I think i will make a move now. I have already been up late and alot to do. Also, i just noticed that when i last cleaned my keyboard yesterday, I have mixed up some of the keys and my comma's and fullstops are haywired. :P

gtg change, Ma3salaam.

Quote of the day:- Its easier to hate than understand.


Anonymous said...

nice observation :P

Anonymous said...

Red Bull Rocks

L u D a said...

hu the??

lol yeah it owns

to your question .. nothing much.

another entry in the making though.

Anonymous said...

whats tht keeping you up all nites??