Monday, June 06, 2005

Not Much Time Left ....

There is not much time left for anything thats about to end.

For the good, its exams. Ending on Jun 8th which is just 2 days from now. Speaking of which, there is not much time left for me to study either. I dont know bull crap in transition elements and its a long way to go. I have wasted a whole week on not studying. Or atleast 5 days. Furthermore, I could've gotten the card i was searching for, but I never looked in the right places. And well, i wasted more time. Also i wasted money.. and am still at it.

Enough about me, my cousin now. He's just come back from paki and hopefully if he's staying long enough, am looking forward to alot of fun and outing ... with him ofcourse. It was funny the way he came. The family kept it a secret all along, but just before 2 hours of his arrival time (because the flight was delayed) I get an instant message on microsoft's cute-helpful-msn messenger beta 7, 'Is he there yet?' from one of the cousins in PAKILAND. The bubble burst the cat out and what not. Although I havent met him yet, coz the flight was pretty late at night (delayed ofcourse).

Switching tracks, I recently came to know about a friend. Well, he's been a friend for a very long time, but it was just a lil more than acquaintance. He's been made a center of fun and what not very frequently and well, I used to join the party. But since I got to know the other side of the funny side, my respect for him has climbed leagues. He's the strongest of all the people (my age group) I know for now; and even though it may not seem to be as such .. it is. May Allah Bless You and Help you in all times - Aamen.

Quote of the day:- The world is not the end.

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