Tuesday, June 14, 2005

After a 4 year gap ...

... or somewhat 4 years, am not really sure, but lets keep it that way; my balcony undergoes the cleaning process. Whose the RAMBO? None other than L u D a himself!!

So, my rooms balcony is split into 2 portions. The side under the AC and the side NOT UNDER the AC. I began with the easier one, NOT UNDER THE AC.

It was a tattered carton that rested in one corner upon which heaps and loads of childhood history was stacked. However, I had to make my way through to that end coz the balcony was clogged with BS, thanks to the cleaner who throws anything which he cant put any where else, in the balcony. So I got a black garbage bag and began my short but sweaty journey.

Even at 3 in the morning as in 3 am, i was sweating like it was raining. Anyhow, as I began emptying the cardboard of forgotten crap from the top, I came across some torn and chewed up plastic bags. My first impression was RATS. This building has had a history of them and I wasnt gonna take any chances. I made my way carefully going one at a time. Although half way through the box I realised that this place was extremely unhygenic for any life or life form to survive, let alone inhabit.

Next I turned my head to the OTHER side of the 'viewing space'. Now I was so hundred percent sure that there is life under those bags and dirt, wet by the AC water. It was a perfect enviroment and well I had seen a lizard earlier to guarantee their existance.

So, my bro got me BAYGON and a broken aluminium, floor viper handle so I initiated the second half. It was going smooth till there came a wet book. I was careful all round, and as I knew about the cockroaches and there love of paper (from experience); I made a gentle move to press the book with my foot. Up they swarmed, slowly, but not as many as I had expected. With my faithful green friend in my arms, I pressed the nozzle onto them. They ran hay wire up the wall. But am a genius, so I sprayed the walls with BAYGON. They couldnt crawl anymore. one by one they died their way up the wall and fell.

I cleared the rest and then vaccumed the place (we have a carpet there).

Anyways, I did this till morning, and then I had some free time. After which I cleaned the Computer Table. Next stop is the clothes cupboard. I havent slept yet and neither am I planning to until ISHA, so am finally gonna get a set routine (inshALLAH). Nonetheless I do feel tired and am running on 2 panadols every 5-6 hours, so dont bug me until tomorrow .. :P

Oh yeah, also am a lil annoyed and impatient. I have been wiping my face off my shirt all day and new zits and acne have already started to show up. Which is pathetic coz i just started loosing them. *sigh* whatever!

Quote of the day:- Cleaning makes me happy.

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