Wednesday, June 15, 2005

not planning to ...

.. blog tonight.

Even though there is much to write, there isnt much time left for the sun to break in through the threads of my room's beige curtain. Ummmm, well there is BUT I'd like to use that to watch smallville instead.

I have completed the compilation of Season 4 and there are 4 more eps to go till I finish watching it. Why I give prefference to SMALLVILLE over -the all so happening- BLOGGING is cause i havent been able to watch it for the past 2 days. And I miss clark ... ummm .. i mean all that superman thingee .. (dont get me wrong:P). So I shall switch off the lights .. get under my sheets put on the head phones and play .. SMALLVILLE.

Next blog.... Graduation Party.

Quote of the day:- almost an angel, so heaven she lost. (am thinking of writing more on it)

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