Monday, June 13, 2005

a big bang 2005 report.

It was a good event on the whole.

Thumbs up to the organisers partly because they pulled it off pretty neat and partly coz even though i made every subconcious effort as to not to make it to the BIG BANG; I did after all.
My efforts included:-
0 Not buying the ticket
0 Loosing the ticket which a friend bought for me
0 Arriving an hour later than the gates close
0 Not wearing accurately to the dress code.

Anyways, the best part was the re-union with the old people and a get together with the present ones. Even though there was not alot of talking with the older ones, seeing them there was good enough.

I spent most of my time with Saad, Maaz & gang and Muddu. Saad seemed high even on water in the begining but we had fun. Maaz and gang and me were cracking up and pretty much having a lame competition. Muddu well theres not much to say, I can spend all my time with him and we wont get bored.

The other good part was the award ceremony, which i missed. However, I was awarded 2 people's choice award - no.1 being SUPERHERO and no.2 being BEST PERSONALITY which I retain from last year and its an honor at that. Thankyou for all who voted .... for me .. :P ;) :D.

Moving to a few cynical shades of yesterday's event. It was wierd, having seen them all year round with a complete head cover, to show off vibrant hairstyles in yesterday's party. Not that I was awestruck or something, but it just didnt feel right. It wasnt with all of them but well quite alot.

Another was the belly dancing part. I made a move out while many shifted to the video recording capabilities of their cell phones. I dont know how it was but from what I had seen in a bigger commercial event earlier, it isnt very decent. Nevertheless I made use of that time to report to a friend by my mobile. However this "outstanding" made me miss another 'hero' move by my friend which i wouldnt like to talk about. As much as I dont find it very impressive the only good was his huge courage factor.

The food was late but that made me eat like a camel. Considering I hadnt eaten all day, I guess its allright.

Thats about it for a personal report on big bang.

Quote of the day :- The truth is, you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologise for bleeding on your shirt (TAKING BACK SUNDAY) - courtesy dayaan.

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