Sunday, November 09, 2008

this past week ..

.. has been completely like shit. 

Even though I love to ramble and trash talk alot, I dont want to say anything. I've repeated it so many times to so many people, even I am getting bored of myself. 

But the thing that makes it shittier is the fact that i feel like its shit. Its the fact that I felt so low. I felt so tired. so over worked. so disconnected and introvert. like i was curling up inside myself, slowly, tightly, weeping quietly. 

I was pissed off that I felt that way, and well, it didnt make matters any better :P But seriously, WTF? 

I was thinking ..

'dood what the hell? HOW CAN I BE SO DOWN and DEAD and TIRED and ANTSY and POOP like... I never feel low on energy ... hell .... I AM ENERGY!!! .. You want energy, I'll shock you and shake you up! .. This was so unreal this bitch.

anyhu, the waters have calmed (and also I've seen the latest 007, which was an action galore of kick ass butt kicking). And I'm feeling like me again. 

And at this point I realise I've never thanked a friend, not on this blog. Even though he means so much to me. He's always been there, been the first to know, been the first to show up, been the first to ask, and been the first to reach out and lift me. All I've ever given him is a hug. 

Qoute of the day: am so cheap. ;)


siras said...

Life does that at times.. just hang on.. InshaAllah it'll be good!

L u D a said...

it is ... thank you :D

Talha said...

Dood u dun have to thank me..its all good:D :P!! dost hote hi isliye hai:P

lol although ill come back and take more of those hugs!!:P

L u D a said...

laarve :D