Thursday, November 20, 2008


She said it with such unnerving calm; the news hit like a bat to the face. For a moment there, I froze.

With the book of the Lord in one hand and a rolled up tissue in the other; she tried to concentrate, in order to read, to distract her from her grief. Seeking that one true spirit that has given us Hope on a plate, everytime and anytime. 

But as she lost to the eminence grise inside her over and over again; eyes swollen and cheeks wet, I had the urge to hold her hand and press hard. squeezing for strength.

I didnt; it wasnt my place to.

Instead I sat there doing nothing, wondering in awe, how life works like a switch. Flip it and its off.

Inallaha Ma3 Sabireen - (Allah is with those who have patience).

Qoute of the day -  once you build your own rules and own walls, you start to realise that within those lines you cannot use your heart. since the walls you built were made of logic, and in the land of logic you need to feel from you head. 


evil-m0nkey said...

death in inevitable sir

we dont know if we will live till tomorrow, if we will live till the watchmen movie, if we will live till we see our own children, or even granchildren!!

L u D a said...

lol, till watchmen movie. right.

Talha said...

well its gonna be kickass i knw where habbo is coming from!!

but condolences to whoever u were talking abt..

L u D a said...

the day the world stood still sucks ass btw!