Friday, October 24, 2008

like rainfall ...

my hair falls.


Now if you've seen me, more often than not I've got long hair covering my head. And if you havent seen me, well, now you know. 

So wherever I go, I tend to leave some of my hair everywhere, you know .. just a lil bit for remembrance and giving all the budding black magicians a chance to test their skills.  And I am aware that my hair falls. But it wasnt that much really. Until prolly a few months ago when I could see it everywhere, my shirts, my books, office files, my friends when i hugged them ;) ;P. And people started to say, 'dood the hair's awesome but i dont like it on me' :P

But the nail drove in when I sat in the mosque during the Eid khutbah a month and half back scratching my head, trying to understand; and I look at the floor and its like a miniature rainforest down there (the sweat providing the moisture:P). I havent taken any medications or anything to do something to control it, but I can feel it now. 

I mean its falling on the drop of a hat. Holy Mother of Jesus! I brush my teeth and they fall! 

My aunt tells me I'll get bald in a few years time. Hell as shit! I am 20 years old, now's the time kids my age GROW HAIR, and I am loosing mine!

And I am a pretty chillax dood! I dont even get easily tensed, I mean seriously! I know its in my blood that our families tend to get decolorised in the head faster than many other races, but serious, baldness? noone's bald! 

And then i get these people telling me, my hair's falling .... and I am like .. *in my head* .. NO SHIT SIR! REEEELLLEY? WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME THEN, SHUD I STICK IT BACK? HUH ? HUH??!?!? HUHHUHUHUUH?!

I mean I already saw this coming. Its part and parcel of being where I am and what I do. And I knew they'd shed off sooner or later (although this seems very soon). But ALhumdulillah I am enjoying them for as long as they last .. YEAH!

and screw that shit man.

there are somethings you cant control and its best you leave it that way. unless you wanna go ahead do something like Nawaz Shareef did. thats a different story and I am not an exiled politician who drives around in a Rolls Royce Phantom.

sometimes u must admit... 

just like the rain falls, babies cry, the sun sets and shit happens. so does hair fall. unlucky *shrugs*

Quote of the day: 'This world's always going to need saving' - Nathan Petrelli - Heroes Season 3 



Talha said...

dood..i knw uve probably heard this a bunch of times before..but i seriously suggest u shave ur head off..give chance for hair to grow all over again..

if not..then constantly use hair oil..which i think u do anyway but still..or just cut ur hair down to the spikes tht u had..cause to me u look sexy either way :P ;)

Cynical Hippie said...

i agree with talha,

i shaved my head off, and a thicker set now grows

and dude, you grow plant, you gonna snip their buds, give them special fertilizer, light

same way, u need to oil your hair, condition them, poop on them.

and its in my genes to grow bald,
dont u dare start a competition with me :P ;)

p.s., new layout/art, not bad
mines better though

siras said...


Yes please that would be nice.. just take some super glue and stick it back on.. no one would even know :P :P and they would then find it harder to fall off!! :P :P

Btw no offence meant!

siras said...

You've been tagged!

L u D a said...

lol non taken

and to every1 else. let me get the natural baldness, the one that glistens in the sun and doesnt need a blade on it all the time.

Talha said...

dude as much as we love u..we wont love u bald trust me lol!! just shave it now!!