Thursday, October 16, 2008


have you ever wondered that you were made for more?

for more than what you do and where you are.

for something greater, something bigger. 

have you ever wanted to do something? 

something to change the world?

to make a difference.

in my heart I feel it, 

but in my head I am clueless,

is that crazy?

I hope its crazy enough. 


siras said...

Don't we all?! Go through that phase of wanting to change the world, believing we can and being all set to do it too! But then what happens is life, and all you're able to do is hardly survive through your own problems which seem bigger than anything else at that moment!

L u D a said...

and dont you hate that then?
how different life is from the dreams you conjured.

Talha said...

"something to change the world?"

u know thats one feeling that has always eluded me..i have never really wanted to save the world so to speak..

but life not turning out to be the way u planned it..thts certainly a bitch..!!

Cynical Hippie said...

my prof had told me tht this ad first also had hitler, and his face would come when the narrator said the word vilify them, but then they removed it due to complaints.

and my friend, man is a greedy creature, you fulfill your dream, and you make a newer dream, a more impossible one.

We are not at the moment, in the right phase of our life to feel that we have yet not fulfilled our dream, my advice, go thru ur midlife crisis later,

for naow, please dont stop the music

Cynical Hippie said...

i mean, i wanted to be a photographer and visual artist for so long, but i know i cant, and i never will.

I screwed my a-levels with the thought that i would Never be able to do that which i love but

[batman quote] Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up. [/batman quote]

life never goes the way you want it to, even if it does, karma will come and bite your hairy ass,

time wishing is time wasting

siras said...

Yea.. you do hate it.. but then you get used to it and eventually you find it hard to believe that once upon a time you had these big dreams of changing the world! That starts to feel like it was a dream!

L u D a said...

^^ yeah i think then u come to peace with where you are. The question is, are you really seeking THAT peace?

@ cynical hippie, well you've got your DSLR and Photochopping skills. WEB 2.0 is now sir, knows no boundaries. ;). Also i know about that advertisement included Hitler. Infact there is another one on U tube with hitler in it and lol .. the public's gone ballistic .. HOW DARE YOU BITCH!

siras said...

That is a question which requires a LOT of thought!

siras said...

But most likely you're not seeking it! But you still do get there, most of the time, at least!