Friday, December 08, 2006

The Post (Part 1)

So, I am free today. Problem?

Well yeah so I usually aint, but this is my day off. I have been sleeping and jumping around for the past 2 days after my exams; which by the way are nothing worth talking about except ofcourse TAX was the worst paper I have ever done in my life; yes thank you.

Tomorrow I say tata! to life and back to KPMG. Seriously, its that bad. Nonetheless, I hope it stays calm for another 3 months atleast. Even my classes wont be on so there is no escape when they want to make you sit late.

Its winter here again, or well, spring as the 'gora people' would know it. Coz it really isnt as cold, but its cold for desert standards, so its winter and u can shut your stupid trap. It's raining right now, but I know it'll stop when i stop. It always does. Even then though, the sun's got alot of time out now days. SubhanALLAH its awesome weather nonetheless.

I havent done the 'walk-along-the-corniche-alone/with friends-listening-to-favourite-tracks/trance-or-talking'. But very soon, before the coolness dries off this small city. InshALLAH.

Oh in even cooler news, my ultimate buddy's been bit with the blogspace keera. Wahaj's here and he's at *tch I would need to change my links again - more work - hmm yaare yare*

And why do you think there are PART's to this post. Coz well I shall take ANIME BREAKS and CLEAN BREAKS before i post the other parts, so yeah there will be parts.

Quote of the day:- Welcome back Subhana, thankyou for using the internet :)!

PS: Gah, the sun's on duty again! grrrr... !


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :)
Hope to read more inshallah. Enjoy the weather

Anonymous said...

heh. thanks yaar. im sorry i leave without traces. but isnt that the point ?!

khair thanks a bunch for everything Saad =).

Anonymous said...

Trance and my name forced me to post :p.
Thanks dude ...
And work life goes on .. Live with it :p