Monday, November 27, 2006

the horribly timed post

So I thought, just before Google traces back on the byte hogging in active webspaces its bought from and clicks them into oblivion; I'll write a post. Like all other. Not like no other. SONY

ha ah :P

*lame machine revs with excitement*

Anyhu, dont confuse this post with a regular LUDA Fixation. I am just wasting time in the morning so that everyone can go out of the house and I can finally get back to study. Yes, BACK to study.

Coz unlike normal human beings; which I was trying to be for over 2 weeks of my study leave; I dont follow the same mental nutritional pattern. I sleep late into the mornings often closer to the afternoon even if I had gone to bed at 11 in the night. And the rest of the time in the evening I was having fun exchanging my revision classes for Casino Royale, or just watching TV. FOR GODS FREAKIN SAKE, I was watching TV. I have watched more movies on the cable in these 2 weeks than what i normally watch in 2 months.

So well, i went back to think about last semester and developed a striking fact!


So well yeah thats what I have been upto studying at nights taking ANIME breaks or something like that and eating alot. :P. My games have taken a step back primarily because I need to enjoy them and not rush them like they were job. Even though they are but whatever :P.

So well. chow chow. Dont ask for more, I'll just give you some.

Quote of the Day:- I dont even know why I used the word time in my post. In my case, I am miles away from that word.

PS The above post was dedicated to Subhana. May you stay cool and may your grand dad get better, Amen! And please stop working at the bottling factory!! :P


Anonymous said...

He died two days ago. May Allah SWT forgive his sins and grant him blissful eternity.

L u D a said...