Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I stood casually facing the sun, the light soothing my eyes and dancing off the waves below. The wind blew in my direction. Pleasantly cold, enveloping my body. Everything feels nice.

The clouds scurry to cover the suns torturous sides, while the wind blows stronger. I hear the birds struggling against the breeze, facing the air like me. And from between the track breaks on my mp3 player I hear the boat gently splash water against the bank. The evening dawns modestly on the creek of Dubai.

A ferry honks to the seagulls above me, but the gentle creatures have found love with a couple sitting on the bench. They chew on their shawaramahs while throwing bits of grilled chicken up in the air for the quick ones to catch. Shawarmah? you say, not your typical romantic meal, but when in love, they could'nt be bothered.

Another couple stands beside me, leaning on the railings, taking in the calm and sounds of a cool evening.

The shawarmah couple leave the bench taking the white ones along with them. My playlist's done and I needed to rewind the to the music. I take their place while the other couple passes me by. I pull out my psp and struggle to get Daft Punk back on, squinting through the hair blocking my eyes.

A lonesome elderly boat captain carries his own struggle, requesting passerbys to take a trip round the creek. Never a more perfect moment, but it seemed his could be customers were at peace where they were.

White tourist folks arrive upon another quite ferry trip. Snapping pictures with a fat lensed camera. Their silk blonde hair uncontrollable in the air, and faces visual of natural pleasure.

Heh, the boatman's got a catch. 2 couples, one young and the other seems like their parents they dont want to miss the opportunity.

And the seagulls are back again, fluttering even stronger. Its 4'o clock now, Wahaj should be out of his misery any time now. Its time to leave.

I get up and walk ahead. All music just stops...

the natural sounds come rushing in place of trance.

and a split second later, there's a loud 'PHATAACK!'


As the wind blows harder and the bobbing boat creates a a louder splash; my eyes move below to where the unnatural sound had eminated from.

Against the bi-colored brick floor lay my PSP in 2 pieces.






Thank GOD my PSP was allright. The 2 pieces were the battery and the main console!. Alhumdulillah I am so blessed. My trip to the wildlife ends NOW NOW NOW! and so does my romantic touch with nature!!

I love my die cast glossy plastic, blunt copper wires and liquid crystal display!



Anonymous said...

Intellectual Climax u idiot.
I was reading ur post in my uni and when i read the 'PHATAACK!' I was like SHIT! and the girl next to me asked in arabic .. SHOO?
But good post. I am glad ur PSP is all right

Shifa said...

hehe when i read the 'PHATAACK!' sound was of ur psp falling i said SHIT well good its alrite or else u wud have been in a state of shock hehe

Anonymous said...

did i tell you that my friend dropped my psp in the river, outside my house? yeah, there goes 2,000 kr *smh*

L u D a said...

OMG ..

U should've shoved that friend of yours in the river too, for her to go fetch :P

its so much more than the money.

Its LOVE!<3

@ comic and shifa ..
I have sent across your wishes to my beloved PSP. It says its fine now, we'll play PES6 in some time :D

and some mortal kombat too :D

Anonymous said...

You were admiring nature and listening to trance. I dont think God really liked the idea of you praising him while listening to music :p. So he smashed ur psp as a warning.
Maybe i'm just outta my mind.
But i still hate u for the food the other day :p

P.S Havent been to classiquiyat for ages man. AGES! I wanna go dude ... asap. Now that my mind has one less tension to take care of.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe QDs?

L u D a said...

deffo maan anytime, do it this week. :P

oh however! dood I think we should call our workplace 'the FIRM' from now on
and all the othe morons over there as 'THE PEOPLE'

you know incase we loose our minds some day and screw them bad, they shouldnt back track us and screw us back based on 'unhealthy morals and intentions' :P

Anonymous said...

yeah .. but if we refer to them as morons ... they'd know its them :p ... LOL :P ... yeah but ur right! Ohh and i did come ... QDs this week ke bache :p ...

Anonymous said...

You got tagged :D.