Monday, December 11, 2006

The Post (Part 2&3)

The Post (Part 2)

Yesterday was the first day at work and ZOOOMEFFFG it was hella hard to get by the day. The nausea that had been created by the nostalgic feeling of being at that same old client the same way i switched life to KPMG almost 6 months ago. My vomits were within my stomach.

Ugh.. it forced me to visualise life 5 yrs down the lane and I could not bring myself to the realisation that I could actually follow up numbers in the way my seniors do. Uff the jargon, the ultimate mess of everything thats accounted for. I am so not doing 9-5 all of my life. I need to entreprenaur into something and be my own, where I dont need to worry about what to account for except the profits that I make. Where I wont need to wake up early in the morning and report at 8:30 sharp. Where I would sit late only because I am having fun at my own work, for my own sake. Self employment is the way to go. and inshALLAH I will too!

Sometimes I look at my dad, or others in my family and I just wonder. HOW, HOW HOW? could they have stayed in the same office with the same people for a life their children havent out grown. I get sick working at the same client for 2 months. And I shit you not, I have become a resident auditor for the shitiest client for almost 4 months. OH GAWD! May Allah Help. !


The Post (Part 3)

3rd day at the office, that I did not go to.

Yes I bunked it today. I called in sick. I was actually but I knew I could get better.

Last night I had an excellent meeting with a group of game enthusiasts. Really got me pumping as much as the blood that rushes in the marines of Gears of War. I just needed an unorthodox break. Something out of the ordinary. So as much as work scared me, I know I can go back tomorrow with a grin and get ready to kick so client butt.

Seriously, things are so painfully soring. I mean there's been so many times that I think WTF maan I dont do this anymore, only because I dont have the time. Like just right now I am chatting with a friend of mine and we used to spend all nights just talking talking talking, but now it's like I feel I'm staying away. Its not on purpose, but it just doesnt fit the plan.

Plan, can go suck it self.

Although, this evening I realised; I should bloody put in my 100 into work. I aint doing anything else. Then again, I could've. Oh the dilemma.

I know for a fact though. InshALLAH tomorrow, I am gonna WORK. My quality which has come considerably down since the past 2 days, is gonna up itself. Lets be sincere for a while.

AMEN to all of that!

Quote of the day: No 2 routes lead to the same destination.


Shifa said...

hello hehe
yaar mujhey bhi yahi lagta hai keh mein time nahi de sak rahi well those days were great and comment on ur post 2 tht well ur dad and our dad work on the same post becuase they have a fmaily to support :)

Anonymous said...

9-5? DUDE? 8-6!!! That too is in theory. Damn.
We should start something.
Like sell peanuts u know. Or maybe our own credit cards. Or just open a sheesha shop. I've got lots of business plans. Need Capital Injection :p.
Seriously. We got a sad life at work. I'm so demotivated only God can help me.
I hope it gets better with time.

P.S - Please financials sign karwa ke issue kar wa de 2005 ke :p

Anonymous said...

self-employment is indeed the way =D.

Anonymous said...

but, yeah you should definitely give in your 100 % - no matter how much you might hate your work. at least you can walk away with honour - that you did your job the best way you could instead of.. whatever it is you're doing right now =P.

today, i was called an arab =S.

L u D a said...


alien air force lady!

@ wahaj, CAPITAL INJECTION eh? Lets get a doctor and an Alphabet Teacher.

:P *sillyface*

@ shifa, Yeah I know that, but dood seriously; the only place where I'd like to get stuck is home :)