Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Close your eyes

I am bare

Let me cover

So you don’t see

What I hide

From you

And in vain

From me.

Laugh it off

Its fun to be

Around me

Behind myself

Unclear to you

But you think you know

And I wish I didn’t.

So ignore it

It’s just an itch

To you

it never did

Never should

And so I wish

I dont be

In place of me

Behind the mask

Its hideous

Still for all

It does well

For you too

Its nothing special.

hmmmm, been digging up some files of the recent past. I remember I wrote this before going to pakistan AND i wrote this in 5 mins. But why I wrote this I dont know .....
or probably, I dont want you'll to know :P.
Anyhu, since I already need to build an online data base of my poetry, here goes one more addition.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog, I have added it to my list and will check in often!

Best Wishes,
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Anonymous said...

do u think this is somehow similar to ur poem Erasing My True Self?

Peach said...

I've heard it said that a piece of creative work is not always controllable. That it controls us so that it can come out. A creative person is not in charge, the creation is. And when u look at the all the things we draw or write and dont' even know why u can see that it's in a way true. I loved ur piece of creative work even though I don't know why u wrote it :)

L u D a said...

hmm .. cool. Thanx alot btw. however are those lines yours or from the book youve been reading .. ;) :D

anyways .. hmm .. erasing my trueself .. i dunno, prolly ..

shit ive lost that one .. :S .. :P

Deep Purple said...

creative moments are oh so very unpredictable. I liked your poem.

It was sweet and fresh and very simple. Its very hard to find simplicity in this world, it become so rare with people's pretentiousness.

and thankyou so much for your comment. I really appreciated it.

Subhana said...

Oh Gosh :o

L u D a said...

thank you Sadaf ..
and sup wid u Subhana ?

Subhana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Subhana said...

Ehem! Is par kuch alfaaz yaad aye, ehem! Irshaad irshaad!

"This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections."
- Saint Augustine.

Okay, it might not make sense to you, why I'm mentioning this quote. Dunno myself, but this is what I thought of reading your poem :S ... Okay, I need a glass of water.

L u D a said...

That line .. is a very good summary.
Although there is still a lil more to it.

Subhana said...

Care sharing? :)

Peach said...

Actually the words themselves are mine but I think it was Stephan King who first said that.

W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

Was it in some 5 minutes poem competition?

L u D a said...

LOL no ..
was just over whelmed by something.