Saturday, September 24, 2005


One of those days when you feel like everything that has happened today is so much like ...
WHAT THE F#^@&*#!!!???

I got a job at Mashreq Bank. Temporary data entry operator and voluntary forms auditor. It is a temporary job, but tiring nonetheless. Makes me realise what an ass I am when I think my Dad is so boring when he comes back home.

From 8-6 straight shift and then 7-10 evening class, jacked is an understatement. And to make it so-very-fuggd-up .. I am the laughing bich of the class, coz my brains to dumb to understand when DEBIT and CREDIT entries differ.

Tonight was actually the very first of an expected melodrama which will follow for a week atleast. Couldnt answer a single question with confidence enough and became a stupid crap piece of the class. And because i never stop whining about how shit it is, I think i am becoming a major nuisance to everybody. Thank God for Shanil and Zeeshan and Kashif or I'd be shite today.

And it doesnt end here, am suffering from the EXERSION SICKNESS I get every now and then, and the black circles around my eyes encroach their way down the cheeks. So my throat pains and I whine once again, coz i cannot have COKE! I have become an insane addict now and it hurts me when I cant.

Diets gone all bad with only a hefty dinner at night and a shawarmah in the evening. Mornings are filled with caffinated drinks which the bank offers for free. And I seriously dont mind that. The job up there is uber fun and I do look forward to go there. Honestly, it doesnt feel like a job. Umm more like a keep busy morning session. Although, by the time your done, you're actually done ..:P Nonetheless, talking big and talking with the big boys, only grows on you. The only thing I fear is that I dont mess up. And wierdly enough, I am begining to like all the formality now.

In other news, Red Bull feels soooooooooo gooooooooooooood. OMG I didnt realise what I was missing since a long time my dad banned me off it. Then last night he actually got me one :).
It owns!!

Anyhu, I havta sleep. InshALLAH tomorrow will be better. 1.2 looks prettier than 1.1. Although I am not getting much time to study, but soon enough I will. Also, hopefully there'd be good news in my post, the next time I blog.


Quote of the day :- My burden's nothing. Check out my friend.


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Anonymous said...

May God help u

Elektra said...

LolL :D Lkz Lyk uve startd to follow our gr8 paki leader.,. QAID E AZAM.. gud gud.. im proud of it.. im not pitying u :D

Hehe gettin ajob in MASHREQ BANK lkz awesuMM MashAllaH..!! Keep up the gud wurk ( if any till now..:P) nd loll abt ure classes... u shud chose now.. wich one.. JOB OR ACCA?? J/K .. jus lyk Anon said.. MAY ALLAH HELP U :P

Ne way funiee quote once more.. nd loll hope u get to drink COKE ASAp..since im drinkin one :P hehehe .. MASSALAM!!!