Sunday, September 04, 2005

10 minutes from now ....

... I shall sleep. My evening sleep before i go for the evening class. My second class. 1.2's first.

Yesterday was my first class. 1.1. But the events that happened before are of significance, at least to me.

Rude awakening. My lower left side of the back hurt like it was baring a heavy elephant. The wierd thing was that the pain crawled till nearly the front, near the stomach. Anyhow, I am wide awake 8 in the morning, one of the very rare ocassions.

At around 11 I plan to get ready for the THRIFTY RENT-A-CAR center for CAR SALES office, after loitering around and watching CONSTANTINE and fiddling with WINAMP's INTERNET TV which is an uber cool feature for live radio networks. So, i board the bus and land at Karama Post Office where i thought the place would be, only to realise, its on the OTHER end of karama. So I walk till there and when I finally reach at 12 40, I am directed to a (secret :P) base garage near the KARAMA POST OFFICE. WTH!!!?? And then when I go back to the "SECRET BASE" and check out the cars, I ask for the price. AND THEN .. I am humbly directed to the other OFFICE at the OTHER END of KARAMA.

But I had had enough, so I left for Saad's place. However, I made a stop over at Ibrahim's to get WINDOWS XP. Then I reach Saad's at about 3-15 and we blow out data from his PC so its spick and span and naked. Then we install XP and be happy :).

So it was 5 30 now and I havent eaten any thing. Even though Saad's cookies tasted good, my stomach and the back pain was telling me to STFU!

I go home. I sleep till 6:30 for my class at 7.

At a few seconds to 7 I reach the institute and I was already short of breath on my way. I paid the fees which I hadnt before and took the reciept. Went ahead to the small cave-like room in the corner where I needed to shift 3 times for my place.

Anyways due to the no. of students and the comparitively smaller (HELL SMALLER) room, we were shifted into the other hall. I was relieved for 2 reasons. No.1 Coz i was right in front in the new room now. No.2 COZ THOSE BLOODY FEMALE SPECIES THAT CHATTED LIKE DONKEYS LAUGHING .... were seated way back. Thank God.

Mr. Sir. Imran. Mr. is 24 yrs old and has a resemblance to FAKHIR (a paki artist). He is very energetic and enthusiastic to teach, which he has been doing since 2-3 yrs now. His energy is well utilised in his stance, his body movements, his hip excercises and YES OFCOURSE (his fav line :P) hopping over the white board stand.

Besides, he teaches well, atleast from what I have grabbed from the first class. He insults well too. And he may even give individual attention, specially to science students .. (hehe :D). Hope I dont get owned though in other ways.

First half i was shut and a good listener. Rather I was Alice in Wonderland. Second, I asked my doubts, even for the first half. All in all. It was not bad at all.

Havent made any friends yet.Got acquainted to the person who sits beside me (i dont know his name tho) and Zeeshan and another friend of his.

Anyhoo, time to go.
My beauty and brains sleep, awaits me.

Quote of the Day :- There is not quote of the day.


Elektra said...

lkz liek ure first day was gud in ACCA ( iz tet wat u call it??)...Ne way.. hope u get sum decent sleeP now :)... nd hope u do wellL in claSS !

L u D a said...

yeah alhumdulillah the 1st day wasnt so bad. And now am finally talking to many ppl. Anyhu, inshALLAH the best is yet to come . . :)


Subhana said...

Nice to hear you fell in well ;) wait thats only a Danish expression I think :s ..

And about the female species...roflmao!! I know those types, they can be bloody annoying :P.

And wait, no quote of the day? :O What has this world turned into?

Anyways, best of luck with everything ;).

avnxa1 said...

Hmm, Mr. Imran :P


L u D a said...

u filthy no good monkey