Tuesday, May 23, 2006

for the kill

Everytime I have been washrooming, for the past few days, in my home, I've come face to face with quite a few moth-cum-fly-cum-very tiny creatures buzzing around, without a sound under the bright, half covered tubelight. The tubelight is placed right above the large mirror, where I usually see them sitting on the reflection of my face; motionless; still; waiting? I dont know.

I have tried to smoke* them, it usually kills them in sometime. Thats what I had heard but it didnt work. Neither did synthetic chemical mixtures which can choke a human if used extensively. PIFF PAFF or Baygon is what they are marketted as. But the relentless species, they'd just spread out and come back. Infact, they are so miniature, they probably get lost without the light; atleast to us.

This morning at 3 am, I took it to myself to do the cleaning. A good number appeared near the light where it always does. Usual, it may seem. I washed my hands, before I did my deed. And with water still meandering down the skin canals on my hand, I positioned my reflection in line with where one of them sat.

SLAP! an instant later I had blood and body on my right to the middle finger. My wet hand making an imprint on the mirror. And then I got another one. And one more, similar fashion.

Based on my assumption I believe, they had come to realise something was not right. The sitting ladies, flew up now taking it to open space. But I was already on a roll, and now it was a Clap! Atleast 4 more, until there was just one remaining.

I was ready for some competition. The key is to keep an eye on it and follow it to whatever extent it takes, just follow it. And when you get the gut feeling, its in your yard. BAM! it for tresspassing. Matter of fact, they had been in my yard all the time now, I'd just been too ignorant clap my hands.

So the last one made me wait, it appeared disappeard appeared and disappeared again. I could only make it out when it was closer to light, but as soon as I'd see it, I'd lose it. Until one fine head move and I see it sitting on the glass, fidgeting. Ballooned by my self confidence, I used just a finger. TAK!

It was hit but not fallen, and it rose again to soar. I got it one more time with my inflated balloon, and it still didnt make any difference. Then I just slapped it hard; with a curse caught between my throat and tongue.

And then there were more, I hadnt realised before. 3 more, or atleast they were all I had to kill next. Everytime I'd hunt one down, I'd wash my hands clean and let the body lie on the walls of the sink. What was even more peculiar was that in the silence of a Clap, I'd see threads floating in the air. Small, real small. Pieces of threads falling from the top at a speed of almost nothing. Very slow, very small.

Then when I was finally done, I washed my hands one last time with soap. Then I took in the freshness of my hands and walked out.

We are all God's creatures and we all need to survive. And to survive we may sometimes need to kill. Not that those moths would have hindered my survival, but sometimes we kill for things as trivial as 'my space' and 'my air'.

*do the ARABIC AOUDH Techniques.


comicsans said...

BINGO! how many altogether did you kill..? :P
And yes, your hand washing time-outs relieved me a bit. Because the killing was pretty abhorrent.
Btw what is that arabic technique, i dint get it

Elektra said...

*Blech* *Blech* and once again

Not that iam terribly disgusted at the description of the blood on your hands but that i feel terribly SICK of the fact that u actually slapped them to death... :S I mean seriously... i wud never disturb the moths... since im way too scared of insects..!! And their presence is enough to scare me to death! And besides.. i would never even go near the bathroom until all of em were cleared :P

Anway good job !!
You can work in a place where your insect-killing instincts talent will be highly appreciated... and that is...


Subhana said...

Remind me never to shake hands with you!

Gross yaar! Munda sattheya geya hai! :P

comicsans said...


Subhana said...

you have been going on and on and on about updating your blog. NOW DO IT!!