Tuesday, November 08, 2005

different and mixed.

I was getting so sick of the older back drop. I actually got a GOTHIC one to replace it, but it didnt function well. And I also got a self DE motivating one, which had all these, I love you, You used me, you lied to me on it. Yes I was so desperate to change it. Actually no, but coz I had changed the settings once and I didnt want to do it a million times on any other occasion, so i thought I should do it now itself. Even then, I wonder what possesed me to put up a puke green back drop. Hmmmm, it was kind of retro tho. OK-*PRESSFORWARDBUTTONPLEASE*

I am back from Muscat. Been back 4 days ago :P.Spent Eid there. Oh yeah Eid Mubarak to you all. And may all our Ibadah be acknowledged by Allah-Amen.


6 families, 5 cars, travelling by night with thick fog on a light-less highway and hazard lights in the fast lane. Fun? oh HELL YEAH!!

Travelling was the best part. Even though, the scenery of that place is absolutely mind blowing. We talk so much about how great Jabal e Hafeez is and all, but dood you shoud check this out. Its like they live in Jabel e Hafeez. Hell they ONLY got mountains. And all of their money has gone carving high-ways and bridges into them. No wonder, their economy isnt that great. I mean even though Dh10 = 1Riyal, dont let that fool you; coz they got a 1000 baisas where as we got just 100 fils. :P LOL.

One thing that was completely obvious was poor tourism. Definitely. I mean they got such a wonderful place, and its so freakin accessible; yet those morons dont know how to sell there mountainous beaches. Yes there is a beach IN the MOUNTAINS. I mean where is that an ordinary thing? You stand on that beach and you can see 4 mountainous islands right in front of your eyes. And that too when you actually reach the beach 20 minutes drive UP HILL from the city.

Nonetheless, was uber fun. Me and my cousin even managed to sneak up a sheesha there. I mean we had to some how. Its impossible for us to be together, alone and that too in a new (arab) country and NOT try out sheesha. The people we were staying with were very warm and welcoming. Hundred cheers to them, may Allah bless those people. I mean 6 families raid your home for 3 days, eat drink and shit in your washrooms, it takes a lot of patience to deal with that.

That over, lets move to the OTHER major thang. Saad just got SPIKED. yeah bayby yeah! For the first time in my uber cool life, I got a spike mess style on my head. Thank you Thank you. Now whether it looks good or not, is for others to judge, my verdict is that am pretty happy about it. I love the CHANGE atleast. Long hair was getting boring and rather unoriginal.

Whats ironical about this change is, that it comes right after I realised a very horrendous fact connected to hair care for my self. I am allergic to gel. Wierd? pretty. I get all zits and acne or whatever that is, covered on my face once i start using gel. Which is primarily due to the reason that my head sweats and the sweat trickles down to my face and forehead bringing along the gel deposits and leaving them there to rot my salty scarred and marred skin = zits / acne / whtever. I remember not very long ago, thanks to my side parting hairstyle, I had zits all over the RIGHT side of my face and my left was white and shiny. LOL. So NOW do you comprehend the crapiness of the situation?

Anyhu, in closing, Heres a few pictures to my rants....

umm .. errr .. sorry folks. Thanks to the ultra uber cool speed of the allmighty ETISALAT 1 MB ADSL connection, I am forced to withdraw from image uploading at the moment. Will fill you up with more pictures very soon.

Quote of the day :- 'I am the sinner God loves ... and so are you.'


Subhana said...


Hahha. I loved your acne/zits theory. Honey, get a biology book. If you did have a gel allergy, you wouldnt be getting acne/zits. The chemical in the gel does NOT create acne/zits, cuz the mechanism involved in zits/acne outbreak would probably DIE with the amount of chemicals thrilling down your face :P. You actually did write what causes the acne/zits. It's your sweat. Yes its your sweat that causes the outbreak of zits.

Wow the place is UBER mashAllah.

Btw - the quote of the day. Why do I feel like its somehow connected to me? Oh the 'you' :P. My bad. Hehe

L u D a said...

^^ yeah .. yeah .. hun ?

Ok well then explain me the .. right and left side of the face thingie .. I mean dont we all sweat .. in a REGULAR fashion? :P

explain explain .. Newton kee aulaad kee bachheee

Subhana said...

Lol. Simply adored the last line. Hehehe.

Oye yaar, ab I dont know which road your sweat prefers, but perhaps your oil production is higher in one specific side of your face?

And in order to diagnose you properly (lol) tell me this, do you use a specific gel product all the time? If so then its allergy for sure cuz the gel blocks the ducts on the face, and there comes the acne problem. But wouldnt call it acne then, but rather an allergic reaction no?

Allergic to gel - did you have a patch test or what? :P

But hmm..since its only on one side of the face that gets the outbreaks, then its surely an allergy to the product.

Aho ji :D

comicsans said...

I cannot imagine how that family (wher u stayed) tolerated so mnay ppl..well Thumbs up to them for this big job ..:)
& even though I have been to Rustaq; the way u described the scenarios..I wish i cud go & c them one day..

Nabeel said...

Remember me, Luda?
The one who was sticking to your PSP in Muscat all the time...and yeah, the guy pwning you in cards ;) :P

Trip was good.The beach part sucked though, I hate beaches >.<

elektra said...

OMG i totaliee disagree wid NABEEL... beachez r the best part to sum up a trip to a beautiful place tet also lyk musqat!! I mean wen isaw the beach pix it wazz the best ting i lykd..>!! ( to tell u the truth Luda i wazz a bit jealous :( )

NE way back to ure blog.... astute information once again.. :) Ryt frm the mountainz to the the beach nd to make ure blog more interestin...the pix ( as u say) were UBER COOL! :P but khair ne way... i visited musqat a long tym ago wen i wazz 5 or sumtin... but still the mountainz.. MASHALLAH teyre excellent nd totaliee mind blowing MASHALLAH... !!! *sigh*

Ne way... once again MASHALLAH in sneakin a shisha Luda... loll... i thout sheesha r more dangerous ten ciggeratez... loll i juzz came 2 noe so itz lyk... vot i noe till now tet there r more chances of death in doin sheesha ten smokin ciggeratez...!!! OMG... im really actin lyk miee health education teacher.. SachII may!! :P

NE way... overall xcellent blog yaar... MashAllah every blog iz better ten the prev. one but shud say in quotez...itz a bit diff :P but tday once again... i dint get the quote of urez.... lolL :D

Khair ne way.. keep postin...


L u D a said...

TY peeps.

I kinda disagree with you elektra. Beaches are not my ideal spot to go have fun at. They can be inspirational though, thats prolly the only reason I like it. But when am not feeling like it, its usually very messy and gets really dirty. Hate wet sand.

Beaches are a perfect place to enjoy ALONE. IN CALM and QUITENESS. Thats when you can ACTUALLY take the BEAUTY of every thing. This time even the sand.

When your outting there just coz you wanna get wet... swimming pools are much better, hygenic, and not dirty at all .. :P LOL

And I loved this beach though, was more rocky than sandy. And a perfect picture spot. Very Uber for photography. I got some cool photographs, but they got peeps in it, so am a lil hesitant about posting it.

elektra said...

LoLL LUDa... not bad tinkin i shdu say.. wet sand sux sumtymz wen ure the ony one to load all toze wet nd clothz smittd wid sand... in ure washing machine! EEEEWWW!! :P loLL now goin 2 read ure nxt blog!!! :)