Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Crater in our faiths

Its 12 30 in the morning and the bustle is starting to gear up. People have become restless now. All eyes at the door. The people on the right side would get to see him first. There is no chaos; rather everyone sits/kneels within there limits. But regular glances up to the door from their holy books, makes evident their unsetledness. The time is near.

Infact it's here, as the man himself, enters the front gates of the mosque. His head bowed in modesty with the turban lossened and down his sides. The young man takes quick strides towards the mic, the men are already on their feet. 'Allah Hu Akbar!' the BOSE emit and he takes the men into magical grip with his powerful and effusive recitation of the Quran.... and so the last 10 days (ASHR) of the Ramadan have begun.


Ramadan has not been as fruitful for the begining part of it. The EXTRA was not applicable. I was too involved in my classes and Mashreq. Nothing much that I could do either but I plan not to let go of these last precious moments that I have.

Its been a long time since I have blogged and I got a 5 minute window before Isha, so i guess I can squeeze in a few things into it. No. 1 mainly being the Earthquake.

Its everywhere. All the news and papers have been soaked in blood of the people that were taken away in the surge of nature. The no.s are still rising, and their is nothing that we could do about it. Sad. Isnt it? How we watch people being cut just so that they can stay alive. How we watch bodies in rubbles with everything fine except a head. Painful. Pityful.

But we dont learn do we? We cry, we mourn, we shut up for 2 minutes, but we never take heed. Wraths are all Gods way of showing His displeasure in our doings. The Quran says that 'there isnt any azaab/wrath on people until they have gone astray'. Innocence was not the one that died, it seems our concience has. How we pray and cry for the ones lost and we dont question why.

Anyhow, the damage was massive, and places are still being hit. First the Tsunami, then Katrina, Rita, the quake, and now its America's turn again by Wilma. Its not getting any better is it? Pray and take heed, we should, there is no other option.

Quote of the day :- God's not happy.


Anonymous said...

Good reminder..

elektra said...

:) excellent blog once more.. :) ure ryt...we're astray...we dnno wat we r doin..we r blind wid watever we haf...we're blind juzz blind :( MAY ALLAH FORGIVE OUR SINS... AMEEN :)

Nice quote... summary of the last 3 paraz :) KEEP UP THE GUD JOB nd MAY ALLAH ACCEP URE IBADAT...



L u D a said...

u know who am talking about ..
Bukhatir ka beta ..

any hu .. cool .. :D
oh yeah
and AMEN to that !

choklit shop said...

"But we dont learn do we? We cry, we mourn, we shut up for 2 minutes, but we never take heed." gosh u r so rite...may the Almighty help us get back onto the right track!! God is seriously not happy...warna azaab during ramadan in an islamic country (the earthquake in islamabad)...scary!!

elektra said...

Loll LUDA i thout u said SaLIH BUKHATIR'z BETA :D loll

YEs choklit shop... ure vry ryt. we juzz shut up nd tend to ENJOY lyf wen our brotherz nd sis r suffering....

Subhana said...

How's Talha?