Thursday, November 17, 2005

n00b?!?! OmG!!

Isnt it boring how this page never seems to be updated. Its the same till the writer finally wakes up and says 'WOAH I have a site to maintain'. Comes up, posts some usual bull-crap related to his movie-like life and rants about crap noone should give a damn about and then .. gets lost in some oblivion. I bet you're thinking 'THIS GUY's SCREWED IN THE HEAD!'. Bloody


Ok, before I miss it out, I'd want to say thanks to my very good cousin bro, NABEEL. JazaakALLAH dude! He's the reason why my blog is not as sick looking as it was before. Or was it? Naah it was funky earlier, its just sleek now. But TY anyways :D. You can check him out on
(fugged up name .. isnt it ? ;p)


So am FINALLY UP and am doing some collection work. I have finally started collecting my poetry from the million places it has been scattered around the net, which I was planning to do since last century perhaps. Or wait, no .. since sometime. Yeah whatever.

So I was doing that and I come to realise how n00bish they were. I can practically count out my mistakes there and laugh about how immature they sound (the poems not the mistakes). No wonder i was dissed at ep forums :P. Not that am any great now, but ALHUMDULILLAH I believe I can do some thing well enough.

There are quite a few good ones too though. SIN being my favourite. Sometime I wish to publish a small book with all of them in their raw state titled : CONFESSIONS OF THE IMMATURE TEEN.

Moving on GOD is SO BEAUTIFUL! Alhumdulillah. The most UBER of all the things happened to me. As in I got a DREAM JOB. Get PAID to PLAY GAMES :D, and well write about them. Alhumdulillah, cant thank God enough. I am writing for YOUNG TIMES now in the GAME REVIEWS column. Its wonderful to see my work go over middleast, but its even better to be able to do something I love to. Write and Play.

On the other hand though, Dad's not happy. He's never been really encouraging for playing computer games. One of the reasons why I dont have the current gen consoles and why I had to secretly buy the PSP :P.

All I wanted to prove was that even GAMES can make you money. Seems like he doesnt like any idea with COMPUTER G-A-M-E involved. He didnt even say MashALLAH or anything, let alone read the article. With his IS-IT? smirk on he says 'so you gonna write game reviews in your ACCA paper?'. Hmm, painful. All I can do, is score well and NOT play when he's around and SHOW him that I am studying, coz usually I aint .. ;) LOL!

Anything more, I cant think of right now, except that I should really start studying now. Exams getting a guillotine ready in my Dad's closet. The best thing is that I can choose my exam dates, but Dad wants me to finish it as quick as possible. It is possible but it'd be better if it were as soon as I CAN.

And I should really start managing stuff. As in get organised. Organising my PC is the best way to start off so I've been doing that, and then hopefully I'll move on for the more complex practical situations. No.1 being STUDY! <<>

Quote of the day :- Cry when you can.


comicsans said...

I like ur quote

Subhana said...

Oh c'mon, your dad's not that AWFUL. As in any dad would have the same reaction, or was it NON-reaction. Anyhow, its not really jolly fun to see your kid playing games all the time :P. Think about it, he wants you to read Kafka and Shakespeare, not read the games instructions :P.

Aw.. But I'm really glad to hear you feel great about what you're doing. And yeah, you should study too hand in hand with playing games.

Btw - who cares about the EP forums anyway? UHmm..I dont, and nor do you. :P.

Would love to see/have your poetry collection! Hmph!

L u D a said...

lol .. yeah. Although i never read game instructions :P. Only if its an arcade style one on one fight game. Yeah perhaps :P

and yeah .. ep forums can take a finger eh? ;)

and ty comicsans.