Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Tale of Shit and other smelly stories

PTCL had broken down sometime ago. SO thats shit.
It got fixed, but still crap speeds. So thats shit.
I havent blogged for a long time now. Shit.

My bum has become a continuous automatic soluble shit emitter gun.
Mega Shit.

End The shit.

Other stories are as follows.

It hasnt been pretty bad here, or atleast not as hostile as i had expected it to be.

About the city ... Karachi has certainly improved on the living standards. Also, it is being restructured very well, with better roads and lower rate of load shedding; in some places also underground electric cables to cut off teh KUNDA cheating.
The Nazim here is definitely a hard working person and a good man, at least it seems so. May Allah Bless this guy and those who work along.
However, the other party is becoming restless and analysists predict a cold war, or atleast road clashes of the MQM and the current party. Thats politics, and sadly thats life, the fight of the good and the evil.
Traffic on the other hand has become increasingly pathetic and non of the drivers here are amatuers.

About the technology ... Even though internet connection standards are way below par, mobile connections are suprisingly the opposite. With superb offers and qualities and a wide variety of service providers, the competition is so head on that buying a sim card is equavilant to travelling from my home to haidary(market) which equals to around 150 rupees.
Yes. 150 rupees and you pay him 50 more and u get a simcard + no. + 150 rupees balance prepaid. Thts like you can have a BIG MAC or go buy a SIM. :P.Gadgets here are the usual and u shouldnt expect anything hi fi in the norm. For that u have to shift to the Upper Class, Defence and the Clifton Area, where each home looks like competing with the other both in size and looks; and every1 is linked to someone in power and position. (just my opinion)

Rainbow Center (a CD selling 4 flour complex) was shut down when i reached here. Amazingly, it was due to piracy laws. As the race to make an ace out of pakistan approaches another chekpoint, pirated CD's even though still at large, have gone more expensive. Plus, there is increasing fear that this industry may start licking the gravel.

Random Says
Apart from this i have been driving on a usual basis now. Although internally, but very frequently. Except for a few days, my sleep has become constant and timed to a good boy sleep. Sleep at 12 - wake at 8.I have started reading Da Vinci Code and man is it mind blowing and boggling combined. The author is a genius. Avid reader or not Da Vinci Code is for anyone who is mature and can read english.Oh btw, HP 6 is out. 1158 is the price here HARD BACK .. :D I might buy it. And yeah, I hate marriage parties and Ay ALLAH BAARISH DAY DAY!!

Quote of the Day:- Age shouldnt matter, when you've got the heart.


Subhana said...

Saaaaad!! :P
Welcome back...are you still in Pakistan?
I was waiting for your blog for ages now..Nice.

If that's Karachi - then I'm all up for going there this time.
About the new piracy laws..I'm not sure whether they are effective enough, considered the fact that piracy is so prevalent in Pakistan. Well, shutting down one center is always a beginning eh?

I still fail to understand Pakistani politics - help me God. Illiterate to the max. Oh well, maybe it's cuz I'm born and have lived my whole life out here, in small Denmark - where politics are as clean as it can get.

Woah - buying a SIM is shit cheap :s ... Amazing... Makes mes wonder...

'Random' is wise. :P ... Da Vinci Code is one masterpiece I tell you. Amazingly well-written, and very interesting. I've read it four times now. Definitely one of my favourites. If you ever get the chance, do read 'Heart of Darkness' by John Conrad. Has nothing to do with Da Vinci Code - just had to tell you :P. I think the Danish air is getting me :s ...
Allah Subhana'Wa'Talah yahan ki baarish aapke paas bejh dhay :P .. It's been raining for days now. :s ... Oh well, at least I'm leaving this country for a month. When I'll get back, the weather will be all good.

Btw - I hate marriage parties too. Me likes 'Random' :P

Khair, take care Saad. I'll try and visit your blog in Pakistan - bas you have to promise me that you'll continue to blog :P no matter if you're still in Pakistan.

FeAmanAllah Saad :).

Subhana said...

By the way - how do I add the link to your blog on my blogspot :S.

D3V!LZ~ADV0CAT3 said...

hey saad...i strongly believe in ur quote of the day...and i knw u do have the heart...so dun worry abt the age bro...all will go well...inshAllah...:D

p.s. i wanted to knw how to add ur sites link to my blog...besides subhana is curious too...

D3V!LZ~ADV0CAT3 said...

oh and also...y u buying hp man:S...just download it...:P...its just 1.87 mb on isohunt...and trust me...its WAY better than the previous one...