Saturday, July 23, 2005

not a small fight

The topic of Dr. Israr Ahmad's latest speech, 2 days ago. He is one of the most revered personalities in the world for his Islamic Knowledge and Extensive Overall Global Research on many different issues. For me it was history in the making, as he defied all false laws of today's world and invited muslims to join hands to stand up for the reason Islam is sent down to this world.

A religion consists of:-

Islam is not a religion. It is a way of life which consists of:-
-Social Life
-Economic System

Yes, muslims are the only people who have been guided along the path of all the 6 main lines of life. Thereby, its a guide on not only personal but even the social life of a human being. Sadly, what this world and Pakistan is turning into is Secularism. Secular states, allow you freedom with the first three options but the next three are run by the HEAD of State. The system opted by nearly all the places in the world for the next three options is :-

Economic System - Interest Based Banking. Capitalism. Communism.
Politics - Democracy. By the people, For the people.

Islam has shown us ways for all these and they are clearly not what the above look like. Khilafat or Caliphate (in english) is what is required to topple off this current state, which looks ever so strong. In Caliphate, the rule is of Allah alone and the president of the state abides by it and makes sure the whole state follows it too.

The reason why its worst hit on Pakistan, is that the purpose of pakistan's primary existance, was An ISLAMIC STATE. An ISLAMIC STATE which will have laws that are decreed by ALLAH alone and His Prophet's Sunnah and Ahadeeth. That is the reason why the muslims of india fought the british and sacrificed themselves to creat a Muslim Soveriegn State. The mere existance of pakistan is at stake. Morever, the existence of the muslims.

But more than pakistan, its a duty of all muslims. To struggle against what is non Islamic. Atleast in their own islamic countries. Coz, surprisingly, Allah doesnt want results. He just wants to see us strive in HIS way. To see that we have faith in him and the Day of Ressurection. Prophet Noah (3) hardly had any followers in his age of 900, can we decree him as a lower prophet just coz he didnt give results. We have to fight a war a jihad, atleast within ourselves. Against our lusts, against the wrong that we know is so clear...

May Allah Help us All. Aamen.

Quote of the Day :- We know our wrath, but who cares?


D3V!LZ~ADV0CAT3 said...

hey...nice post this even glad to see i beat subhana to the first comment:P...lmao...and u dawg u still havent told me how to link ur site...

Subhana said...

Haha!! Hey, dont get all jolly happy now, you only beat me cuz I didnt use the internet while being in Pakistan. ;). I hope the joy doesnt get to your head now :P.

They have set up their religious leaders and scholars as lords,
instead of GOD. [9:31]

Cough. Saad, read 'Pakistan - Behind the Ideological Mask' by Khaled Ahmed. An excellent book.

And yes, please tell us both how to link your site :s..!

L u D a said...

MashALLAH .. u seem very well versed with the QURAN.
It'll take me time to search the ayah.
MashALLAH :)

Go sign into blogger and go to blogger help. I cant really describe how its done but the help will show u a real easy step so u can recognise the characters that u have to edit in HTML FORMATTING under the TEMPLATE section in your BLOG SETTINGS.

When you click help look on the right hand menu bar. How to edit links is the most popular no.1 help link there.

Subhana said...

'It is he who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing, and he gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affection so that you may give thanks (to God)'[16:78]
- All thanks to Allah Subhanawatalah.

Yes, I tried doing that, but it's still not working for me. Bleh, Stupid blog, dont know why they make such things so complicated. Grrrr....