Friday, July 29, 2005

Chachee Makes Life Wonderful For LuDa boy - Karachi

Regardless of the increasingly hostile bent nature of Karachi which LuDa has faced for the past few days he still smiles to be at rest with the most trusted personnell of his family, here in Karachi-Pakistan. All prayers to the one and only LuDa's chaachee (aunt), the sole bearer of this heart felt recognition.

LuDa boy reports to have said that he is very lucky to have such a person in the family and he is very close to her. On the other hand, he says that even though she is so dear he shall not include her as a friend. This he claims to be behind the reason that the level of respect should be maintained at all times, which friends usually dont have.

Reports say that she leaves for India in 2 days time (inshALLAH). LuDa is sad but he prays for a safe journey on and back(and secretly for a short trip). Further details are kept confidential by the subject's request. :P


Indeed it has been hostile. I was too naive to notice that I havent been out of home yet. Even though not very much out of home, cruelty waits at your doorstep. An opportunity is all that it wants.

People are proud and have a major attitude problem. Its like their noses stick to the airplanes that soar the city skies. Pride and Attitude are 2 things pakistani teens have held on to very firmly. Every thing else is mostly flexible.

I finished DAN BROWN and hell he can cook stories. A genius on the head, the truth in those artifacts that he has mentioned is so freaking eerie. You will definitely not see the Virgin of the Rocks or the Last Supper with the same mindset, once youve read this. Its like there seriously is a secret organisation... WTF??!!. Not very blasphemous, as I aint a christian, but i love the fact that he actually brought out the points of how JESUS was termed as the SON OF GOD by CONSTANTINE the king of ROME (i guess) the same thing that my dad had told me some time ago. Jesus infact is not the son of god, he was MADE into one for the power of men and the empire and the new church. The New Testament is infact flawed and fractured, how inexplicably true.
Anyways, brilliance, nonetheless. An excellent tangle of fact and fiction.

There is so much more, but I feel like watching T.V. :P


Quote of the Day:- Imagination doesnt have a 'NO FLY ZONE'.


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