Sunday, December 19, 2010

Step 2

As he stepped away from the long embrace, his watery eyes reflected aspirations of good fortune and a great future!

And in the eyes of his family he could make out mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. But above all, he saw hope. Hope that he'd impregnated in their hearts from the moment he was born.

Just like that, the arch below his nose, firmed into a straight line and the water slid down his eye lids. His cheeks construed his jaws, clenched with tenacity. He did not smile; his determination stood straight in the cold breeze that whisked the tears from his face into the open air lounge.

He had that look; the one where, the careless laughter escapes to give way to smiles of affirmation; and tears act as fuel for self confidence.

He let his fingers slid off the lingering hands that held them. He turned around, and with that last touch of comfort and the incessant feeling of responsibility, he lifted his bag across his shoulder

It felt light.

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ßlΔcĸ ƒıre said...

hmmm... very thoughtful. Obviously a stage in life where the certain someone let go of somebody or something that was a bitter sweet goodbye, but really felt like a burden has been lifted.