Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the man in the suit

hello, rise and shine
the sun's in on time
you get up from your bed
in a suit.

You're aware of almost every bit
of conscience you must lug with
diamonds and their districts
in a suit.

you're smiling and you're crying,
you're hiding but denying,
you're amazing but you're lying
in your suit.

you tread into the beaches
with Armani and your Ginches
you're bathing in the water
in your suit.

you're up when it is dark,
and you're there after the hour,
you even walk around the park
in your suit.

you're smoking while you're breathing
you're loving but you're cheating
teasing and displeasing,
in your suit.

you disgust me
and you know well
and its never hard to tell
but you love the way it smells
in your suit.

you're craving,
not believing,
you love the silky feeling,
your hand inside the pocket
of your suit.

you're burning from within,
with the heat that is discerning,
its melting your life but never your heart.

'coz you're ageing and you're breaking
not now but you'll be fading
you're dieing in the warmth
of your suit.


evil-m0nkey said...

brilliant dude

absolutely brilliant :D

but its okay, life seeems stagnant at times, but then again, if it doesnt, we will never value the ups and high times of our lives

L u D a said...

thank you dood :)

u rox.