Monday, March 02, 2009

its odd really, that that person is soo good, such an amazing human being, that its impossible to hate them. 

And you know the case is true with everyone who knows them. 

And how you wish you could help them, be of use to them, when they are a little unfortunate. 

Yet all the people they ever knew are there for them

Makes you feel like you dont need to be there.

They obviously dont need your help. 

thankyou very much. 


Nabeel said...

It's fine dude. You've always tried to be of so much use to me, I hadn't noticed :p.

evil-m0nkey said...


how do you know all those other friends he has ever known are really there for him, or just "facebook friends"??

Reza said...


Sana said...

Sometimes it appears as though a person doesn't need a shoulder because that have all the people they need. But maybe, just maybe, you have something to offer that none of those other shoulder's do!

If such an amazing human being is in need of help, or affection and consolation etc, I would help them - just incase I had something to offer that, maybe no one else did.

ßlΔcĸ ƒıre said...

yea.. theres always some one like that around one's life

I have had plenty in mine