Saturday, June 02, 2007

God is a Gamer

Now people who know me, know I love my video games. I play all sorts of stuff, console, handheld, PC. And also, I've been playing since long. I don't quite remember since when, but its been long. But only recently has my head jumbled into alot of game related frenzy. All I am doing online is checking out new stuff, tech related stuff, new graphical shite. Anyways, that's besides the point here.

Very recently, I saw this video, the source to which I am unable to cite here (coz well I've forgotten it). The video was an ode to video gaming. It was very positive for the fact that video games open doors into new ideas, into thoughts, into realms of power beyond approach, into the unreal, into the intangible truths, into myths, into reality, into life and its bearer.

One of the things it said was, 'How does it feel to re-incarnate? How does it feel to give life? How does it feel to be God?'.

There have been many games which follow a theme as that of giving you God like powers. In many others you are a mythological God from some ancient cult. But what matters to my discussion is the Electronic Arts game SIMS. The power to control, to direct, to result and the power to plan.

We plan so many things for ourselves, for others, for our loved ones, for the world. We work out of our freewill, out of our assumptions, our understanding and our interpretation of the facets of a situation. Yet God's that Master Planner (if you believe in HIM) who as Robbie Williams so rightly puts - 'and He just laughs at my plans'.

There's a lot subject to our fate too, but then again who's writing that book? I know I am not introducing anything new, but things fit so well for me in my current situation. Stuff I couldn't have visualised, God's been working at it for year long. Its for the good so I am not complaining, but I marvel how wonderfully He works and how beautifully everything fits and how crude my plans had been then. Yet God's got it all under control, all planned.

And when He does have the power to control everything inside His plan, its not that hard now is it.

And things don't work out the way we wanted it. Many times, and many times not. There's no formula other than probability. Right. But it's just for now, or its just that our vision is only polarised. No matter how great a chess player we are, we still have no control over things we don't have control over. Over the environment, over circumstances, over others, and even over ourselves.

And sometimes later down the line, it fits. But we don't have the time to realise if it wasn't for 'then' this were never to be. For better or for worse. But it happens.

And even when we know His supreme wisdom is undoubtedly worthy of no challenge, we plan. We plan every single day, mostly unfaithfully and sometimes truly. We predict, we preconceive, we think we've got it covered.

But within this freewill there's a program. There's a system, that God controls. Coz God's a Gamer too.


Comicsans said...

Jazakh allah for the comments just chked it :P
I read ur posts the very day u posted it but i thought u stopped blogging so i did not comment.
Like always, you framed ur opinion in the right way, couldn't have said better!

~Brodie~ said...

i like games too lol come to my blog as its bout games

evil_m0nkey said...


Actually quite true :)

Anonymous said...

good stuff dude .. factual .. and very true .. keep writing ..

Amaya said...

Keep up the good work.