Saturday, April 07, 2007


In the light of recent events that have happened around me, I have realised some pivotal lessons of life. Never before has HOPE had more meaning to me, or I have seen it mean more to anyone than in the past days.

Alot of what we think is made of our own personality. The way we like to see things, may it be pesimistic or optimistic. It boils down to how we perceive things. In the same way, people we judge are all our own perception of the situation they are in. Alot of which is also relative to how ignorant or well informed we were about the situation. We think we know it all, but our conclusion is merely based on only what we know, even if that's not the complete truth or may be not even the complete lie.

And along these lines of positive perception, lies hope. An optimists love and a ray of light for the weakened. Hope is a strong player in times of distress and uncertainity. But how? It's factual evidence that has evolved some hope has'nt it. But that is because you perceive those facts to lead to something positive. Moreover, it exists because you require a better end result. In other words, because you want it.

I remember my teacher always said, 'IF' is the most useless word in the english dictionary. Coz everything that is about to happen rests on that 'IF'. To hope is kind of like 'IF'-ing, only you're not saying it, but your hoping it. It is just as hopeless. Heh, the irony of calling hope, being hopeless.

It's only natural to hope though, and almost all the times, its the only thing that shall make people go. Allah has asked us to hope for the best from HIM. Our hopes belong to HIM. But most of all, in times of any adversity, Allah reminds us that He will only push us to what we can handle. Also, whatever happens, happens by His decree and He does it for the better. That above all is the greatest Hope one can hold on to. The surest hope. And even when things dont turn right, you know that if you havent gone crazy yet, you can still take in more. What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger right?

Quote of the Day : Man is so weak, so brittle, so feeble. But that's all in his head. Its all psychological. Its all virtual.


Comicsans said...

Salaam Alaikum
Good new outlook.

'What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger right?'
Yes exactly. We always think that the life is torture however it moulds you into a much experienced fighter. As for why troubles arise, it is explained by Allah in this ayat

Sûrah al Baqarah 2-185
"Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties. He wants you to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him"

With all prayers,
May Allah help and guide us all. Ameen

Siddiqui. said...

Hope and Faith is what got us to the end.

theplasticpoet said...

hope is man's infant curiousity looking towards tomorrow in an effort to dispel deep rooted fears.

and Mad World has already been on the OST for the movie Donnie Darko. A must see movie. Also, the video for the original 1970s version of Mad World by tears for fears is a good watch.

and university doesnt let me make comics anymore.

alex said...