Saturday, April 29, 2006


Recently, whenever I think of writing something, its either too late, or I have something pending to write about\on so I end up clicking on the cross button at the 'new post screen'.

Today I am just too tired and even though i have pending things on the line, they can wait a little longer. This time, I think I need to take a break.

KPMG's begining to take its toll on me. I am doing late sittings and sometimes even morning walk outs. But thats cool, coz its in Emirates towers ;). I see this to be more of toughening experience than a learning one. Like what my senior said, "spend an year here, and you'll be 21."

I would not mention anything more, even though I am not on any contract or liability with the company; its just for the safer side.

Apart from that, today, I experienced the most embarrasing moment of my life - as of yet. I am not going to go on and blabber it out, but to me, the only thing worse could be running around naked in Global Village on a Thursday evening!


There's a glitch in my plan. Something I hardly have any control over. Its got me a little disturbed, but inshALLAH with a lil thinking and a nudge from God, it should be allright. Amen! But its disturbing nonetheless. Pray please.

Congratulations to Subhaana baajee for such a wonderful achievement. May Allah bless her with many more. TO know more, go to *SUBHAANA'S* link on the right; for words fail me.

I got my exams in the next month and I dont know JACK. InshALLAH i should be able to get a leave, but there are many odds to jump over.

The late sittings, and too much 'extracurricular' work is making me weary. I have come to realise, that I take up too many voluntary things; and worst of all, most of them are unfinished. Even though I feel like I want to do everything, learn everthing, master everything; its not working. Time is less. I am few.

Quote of the day :- This place has changed


Subhana said...

Baji kise kah rahe ho.. Thair ja *smacks Saad on the head*.

Well, you know man, once you enter the practical life..wahi ke rah jathay ho.. Quite saddy.

Yaar, aaj kal e-business ki planning ho rahi hai. Dunno how thats gonna work out. Anyways, keep a regular check on moi blog. Perhaps, I'll find some time to update.

Anonymous said...

see in my area i go topray in this mousque right so like five time a day ..but thats all just aside my main problem here is that i know this uncule figure ok and like he talks to me a friendly manner usually after paryer ends while im going back home asking things like how are u exams coming along ( by the way im only 15 and half turning 16 this december) and like todyas weathjer and stuff... ok so real general today when i was coming back from friday prayer i meet him he offered to show me inside his furniture shop hes got business nerby my house so i sadsi sure cause like he makes all thoes antique furniture and oak doors and stuff so once i was incide right he showing me around hen he puts him arm on my back and says ure wonderfull and kisses my cheeck then we go further in the shop and i ask himm ok what are these ornaments hed got a room full of egyptian type metal ornaments and then he tells me there metal painted and agin this type face frontword he comes adn kisses me on my lips and says im great and then i felt horro down my spine because this is a sort of a werehouse im in and this guy whos in his 50 is trying to kiss me ok look, muslims have a formal hug but no kissing and stuff just a normal hug but i was like this guy is acting strange so i started acting like ok we have a gathering at my house (i live with my parents) so i stated going for the exit then one last time he held my arm agin kissed me on my lips and put his hand on my but... WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO MAKE FROM THIS.......... i ran as soon as i reached the exit not loooking backl or saying good bye.........



comicsans said...

"OH Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. If You please You make (even) despondency easy. "

"Oh ALLAH, curb me from what You have forbidden and guide me to what You have permitted, and make me independent of all others. "


Supplications from "The Citadel/Fortress of a Muslim" by Dar us salaam

Good Luck