Thursday, January 12, 2006


EiD was good. OK. But most of it was boring. Mostly coz we didnt go anywhere.

Did the sacrifice thingie. Did almost all of the preps and after things except namely for the sacrifice itself. Kinda n00bed out. I think.

2nd day was pretty good, nice fun at Pervaiz Bhaee's and Sarwat Aunty's.

Today just came back from the Jabal-e-Hafeez and Green Mubazzar Trip. What was MAJORLY different was that we were in a Hyundai Van. No.2 - No parents .. :D. As in .. NOT AT ALL .. :D ;)

So by 12 30 we were off, carrying bits and pieces of friendship badge holders in the van. Many of the bigger badger holders, couldnt actually make it - their loss. A 2 hr long drive passed in switching Mp3 Players and DiscMen from the cassette converter's /adapter's jack. An hour later, the cassette converter had lost the battle. Omar was held responsible; his seriously sick mixes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, had spoiled the adapter bad.

Then, it was just talking and blabbering about random shit, about current affairs which are actually 'cool' and 'hip'. Muddu (our driver and arrangement manager) made sure he wasnt disturbed at all. His concentration was focused on the wheel and the meter and the lenses.

All my conversion and ripping of audio files and Russell peters went down the gutter. But I wasnt majorly disappointed about it, there was just too much to talk about. Then we were taking photographs, positioning, posing. It was like we had borrowed traits from the other gender or Ameen (;)) for that matter, for a certain time. :P

Then we paused half way up for some lunch break, prayer break, football break, and the most interesting of all - NO OFFENSE break.

No Offense was actually, Maaz's idea. A hand puppet in Muddu's van of a bunny, made way for a TRIUMPH like show, where Maaz would ask us questions and make it snappy and funny and well, insult us. A mere, 1-2 minutes shows were conducted with everyone, recorded on Talha's mobile. Some were funny, some extremely pitifully lame. But fun, whatever.

Up on the highest cliff of the UAE, things started to get chilly. Nonetheless it just added to the ambience of sheesha and sunset. Absolutely wonderfull to see the sun sink into the mist. My meager digital camera couldnt recapture the beauty, but it tried its best to catch a glimpse.

So after that we spiralled downwards to our previous spot, for prayers and some ice cream and peeing. And then we spiralled down once more to what was our last stop. The Green Mubazzar.

Have had wonderful times here, memories and fun. This time round though, the Municipality had planted its minions on the small climb-able hills. Did'nt let us climb from the front or the back. Kept screaming about a 600Dhs Fine. Miserly as we are, or better put, Careful and wise as we are, dropped the plan and played some football.

My rusted feet and hands motioned with pretty good reflexes. We won 7-3 of what was a very enjoyable match. We kept changing positions, nevertheless, it didnt spoil any of the fun. Had left over biryaanee after that and then off back to dubai.

Way back was still uber fun. Truth and dare. LMAO, it was as if the ladies mode was switched on again. We were playing a game what I have always seen women play. And because we were storming at 140kmph in a car and noone wanted to see anyone naked, noone was allowed to choose Dare. Thus, it was a TRUTH AND TRUTH game we played. What we did find out, is not here to discuss about.

Now I am back home.
A few pictures from the trip ...

View from the top

Lighted Green Mubazzar.

Ipod and Love =/

Quote of the day :- "His unfailing ability of destroying the things he loves - King Kong."


comicsans said...

Eid Mubarak
It was nice to know you enjoyed your Eid

L u D a said...

heh yeah .. Alhumdulillah. :D

MashALLAH a beautiful place and some awesome enjoyment. 'cept the fact that those ppl have started doing all sorts of crap in tht stream .. YUCK! .. its begining to stink u know. :/

EleKtra said...

LoLL i noe but MashAllah the sunset picture was SubhanAllah awesum!! :) U can b a gud photographer.. u noe :P loll no maska mari but the way u take snaps r gud!!! hehehe keep updating nd btw nice iPOD :D hehehe

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