Saturday, December 10, 2005


..... On Wednesday night when Wahaj had already gone back to Abu Dhabi after our discussion about ACCA and My First Accounting Exam over sheesha, I reached home and started dialing. I dialed Mudassir, but he never picked up. Then I dialed Wahaj to take his, and Haider's recomendation, only to hold onto a call Wahaj got from Mudassir, asking him to ask Saad to call me back.

I did and we both had a similar 'Shit nooooooooo' expression in our voices. We both wanted to postpone our exams, the dates of which we can choose as they are Computer Based Examinations (CBE).Upon parents permission, I called up the institute to forward the date. 'Cant do it!'- answered Mr. Faisal.

I was 4 Major chapters and 2 normal chapters far from completing the 24 Chaptered 1.1 Book; it was time to get ready. I mean, to get my PARENTS ready. So I started feeding them with how tough it is, and how 3 years of portion is squeezed in a 3 month period and shoved into our pink squishy brains. And how its my first time. *And all this is geniune OK! IT IS TOUGH!*

Anyways, so my parents were ready for the failure, even though they thought I'd make it hopefully, InshALLAH.

The morning, I was shit tensed. I was still 2 (major) chpts away and had not even TOUCHED the ALL IMPORTANT revision kits. Mudassir came along in the morning. Said we'll do some revision. We did, but I was getting freaked.

What got me even more stressed and anxious, was the fact that if I fail this, it would be my first ever! I joined Acca with frequent failure in mind, but not like this. Not the very first one. The thought even started poking my ambition-bubble. Such are just wonders of what tension can do to you.

SO 2 hours prior to the exam, we put on .. MUNNA BHAEE MBBS .. :D .. HHAHAHAHA .. all the heat is cooled!

In the Exam Hall, which is actually a room with a few PC's, the tension bar was up again. A friend had just failed :S. Another someone had passed though, but humans tend to take in the negative.

A whole load of prayers and recitation of every surah that came to my mind made me start a little later than 1:20 but no worries, computer based papers start timing after the click. Then on, I just did it as it came. It wasnt very tough, but so was the case of some of the questions I had solved before. The questions arent difficult, but the answers turn out to be different.

THAT thought kept me tensed all along apart from the 4 questions on GoodWill Calculation. However, what was even tougher was to control my farts. See, when I get real tensed and nervous, my stomach does shit with me, and my butt wants to exit some whistles and air. So it gets pretty shitty to control the flow, rather, stop it.

I closed my eyes as I clicked the exit button. 10 seconds of black blinding patience. The worst part with CBE is real time results. You know its now or never. Its gonna hit you NOW like a BOLT or A SLAP or A CRICKET SHOT or whatever. Make or Break.


ALHUMDULILLAH, I made it! AAAAAH (i let go of my tightened buttcheeks ;) ). HOOooooh, through 1. 1 more to go. May Allah Help Us ALL!

Quote of the day:- "A war is not about dieing for your country, but making sure the other bastard dies for his!" - CoD2


comicsans said...
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comicsans said...

Mashallah Mubarak ho bacha paas hogaya :)

Reza said...

" See, when I get real tensed and nervous, my stomach does shit with me, and my butt wants to exit some whistles and air. So it gets pretty shitty to control the flow, rather, stop it. "

Lmao... Tell me something I don't know.. That happens to me when Im tense too.. is it something that happens to nerds only? :|.. Will have to do some research on that. Maybe it is nerd-specific. With me my stomach starts to create gases galore, which emit at their own free will, while I keep answering questions. I wish they didn't, they only worsen the shitty situation. :D

Subhana said...


I knew you gonna pass :).