Thursday, December 01, 2005

changes in smoke

Even though, very recenlty, I had a lot on my mind to write about; its somehow just flewn off. Rather scattered so well and deep in my CURRENT thoughts, that I can hardly remember what I had to remember. So although I intended to write something intellectual this time, you are probably going to be served with an over cooked chinese dish.

First things first. I need to clean my keyboard. Gone very sticky and there have been a lot of instances where the space bar gets stuck (coz of the stickyness).

There has been an added perk to my review job. I got the CoD2 and Q4 to review about, and boy are they addictive. I was actually a little disappointed with Quake4 but .. CoD2 has got me sitting and spending hours just enjoying the game play and the exquisite sound of World War 2. This is probably the best I have played in war fps. I havent tried Battlefield though.

All this was even more enjoyable considering the fact that my DVD-RW ROM screwed up and made me stay awake all night in pain and anguish of loosing a loved one :P. Yeah I love my pc. Finally found out it wasnt screwed even though there was something wrong with it. But Alhumdulillah its allright now thanks to Ibi's olderRom.

SO, exams are on their way. 8th and 13th, 1.1 and 1.2, respectively. I have a pretty normal time table which I am following in a very wierd fashion. I study from 3 at night to 10 in the morning and then play some game pray and sleep :P Get up in the evening and well play some more, do some stuff, play, meet people watch tv/anime .. Then start studying

I have to say though, I am begining to like this subject. Or probably, its just growing on me. Statistics, money, checking, capital, credit all are words that make my ears stand up, specially Audit.

Did you know, AUDIT is actually related to audio and audience. Its not just the AUD but more. I was recently at a job interview at Sajjad Haider & Co. (thanks to a reference from a real nice bajee) and the interviewer explained:-
Audio = SOUND
Audience = Listeners
Audit = Listen, according to his story, KINGS used to have people which would count their sheep and cattle and camels etc and the king used to stand and listen. That is Auditing.
I faired well at the interview for the temp job, but I couldnt start before exams, dad had prohibitted. Thereby, i dropped the offer.

Anyhow so I was saying I am getting interested in all this and wierdly enough, I am begining to get ambitions related to the field rather than the art and design theories that I had earlier.

Hell I am watching BUSINESS TODAY now days.
*The voice inside my head* - What the ..... ? OOooh EMMMm EFF JEEE ?

Anyways, all success is in Allah's hand. May he bless us with what we deserve. Amen

Quote of the day :- A metal heart may be impenetrable, but it can still be broken.


comicsans said...
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comicsans said...

we will all pray for your exams inshallah..

& I m still struggling with the blogs

MagniĆ’icent_ann said...

AUDIT...ooooooooooh..lolz...chalo gud ur interested...but as comicsans said dnt stop ur creative imagination!...n yeh i knoe the way ur 'studin' :P

comicsans said...

tell us teh way hes studying miss ann..after all u the best ;)