Saturday, August 20, 2005

what the subconsciuos mind wrote ... and other stories.

I saw pictures today. They were normal pictures. Plain and simple; unlike life. They had people posing and backgrounds ignorant. Sharp on the models, blur on the base.

I am confused now. Should I write or should I write? Because I am writing a paragraph of random thoughts. But they are so cool that they pull me in to a dilemma as strongly as you pull the fishing line out of water. I could make poetry out of them. I felt. It doesnt have to rhyme but it looks so cool. Sounds. I mean.

I feel weary and fray. I am not on alcohol, I would never be. Haraam! My subconscious mind is playing tricks. It tells my left brain to think and my right brain to not think. I am stuck once more.


I have absolutely no idea where that came from but its comic and has awaken my senses a little bit.

But the bed and the quilt is warm and comforting and sleep is inviting. I think I should shut now. My nose is blocked and I feel weak. I think I would be sick in the morning. The paper has ended and I cant turn. I dont feel like. Let quit.


nonsense ..

This is what your brain does to you when you dont sleep and you hold a paper and a pen at bed.

Moving on .. I am back on the sand. Back in Dubai. Been quite some time now. More than a week. Feels great and hot! Thank GOD for Air Conditioning.

My PC's MOTHERBOARDs been naughty when I was gone, and now its become unstable. Even at 115 FSB it does not start windows.

My sim go fluxed resting in my wallet pocket. With all the sweat and the money, I guess it had to. But well, I made sure I got it changed first thing when I came here.

My Internet Line got 'I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHAT' and didnt work for almost 4 days and I could have starved of 'INTERNETLESSNESS'. JazaakALLAH to ETISALAT for once, those guys actually did work on it day in and day out. He'd show up every day, waking me up of my beauty sleep and check wierd stuff and unintellegible numbers and fingures. And he had that wierd big yellow elephant injection like instrument to trace signals in lines and it made loud beep sounds enough to wake a heavy sleeper. Anyways, he did well and am impressed to see a local work that hard. May Allah make more locals like him.

Hmm ... so my results were out some time ago. Got 2 B's which aint bad for A levels. But then not V.Good either considering what I was expected of. At least an A in chemistry could have done the trick, coz you hardly get an A in DnT in A levels. Atleast none from our school as yet. And so my arch rival beat me with an A,B grade. And I admit, she definitely is better than me in studies. Atleast for this year. Coz I beat her last year and InshALLAH, I'll make a good success story later on too :D. Nonetheless congrats to her and all of those who got good grades and to those who never expected theyd pass but did and to all of those who did A LEVEL. May Allah give you success in whatever GOOD you do.

A semi-sane post comes to an end. I shall sleep now. Its 6:02 in the morning.

Quote of the day:- Photographs are posing people. Truth there is few.


W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

this is wot ur brain do when u r on mushies ... i wonder if u r on mushies? r u ?

L u D a said...

LOL .. wtf are mushies?
Pardon my ignorance .. :P

W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

mushies..short for mushrooms.. and extra short for magic mushrooms..certain kind of mushrooms that you eat.. and you go high..up in the like a see things that are not there..your imagination and thoughts become real..not real real..I mean you see things that goes in your mind...umm.. i think enough explaination..

L u D a said...

ahan ty .. :D