Sunday, May 29, 2005

something unholy, in the holy.

I happened to pray 'ISHA' at Faisal Mosque - Shj, tonight. I was hoping I could meet Adnan bhaee, but then i remembered his hand had some surgery done a few week's ago, he may not be there. Or maybe i was just too late, OR maybe coz the mosque is tooooooo big .. (mashALLAH).

Anyways, an incident happened while i was on my way out. I saw a group of people hanging around outside the airconditioned area of the mosque. Its usual actually, only when they are smiling or talking. These werent.

A drunkard was the point of complete attention. I didnt need anyone to tell me that, noone did either. According to the buzz, he had entered the mosque, tried to pray and had fallen three times when he did. Then when he came out he couldnt stop 'dancing', and was caught 'coz people thought he was looking to steal something. Alas, he was actually drunk.

It was bad and even haram on his side (he claimed to be a muslim but i have my doubts), but it was worst by those so called 'LITERATE PIOUS MEDIUM/UPPER CLASS MUSLIMS'. He held him strong, didnt let him go. Then called up a gathering, pointed out he is drunk. And then one of them started slapping him, hitting him. Dumb I say.

They didnt show him the way OUT of the mosque - and probably gain some (sawab) out of it.
Instead :-
1. They made an unnecessary comotion and spread the drunkards condition. - wrong1
2. They kept him in the mosque holding him there, increasing his time. wrong 2
3. AND they hit him inside a holy place. wrong 3

I played no part though, except tell 2 people who stood with me watching the act of ignorance, why i think both were wrong. I was the youngest there, I couldnt voice what I felt. And with ignorance of that sort, I feared they'd consider me drunk too. Its a pity that emotions take the better of us and even when we are doing right, we exceed so much that it doesnt remain right anymore.

And they arent the only ones.

Quote of the day :- An Egg Shell, once broken, doesnt fix.


Anonymous said...

you're right! there are some matters that you might not be able to change even if you wanted to. in this case one does'nt know whether its the drunkard who's more ignorant or the people.

but when u said "I was the youngest there, I couldnt voice what I felt. And with ignorance of that sort, I feared they'd consider me drunk too." ... think again...sometimes it makes a greater effect on people when someone younger shows them the right way... i wont say that you were wrong in any sense by keeping quiet( i have no right to)but next time you witness something like this it would be better if you voice your thoughts because for all you know you may be able to make a difference to somebody's life. and according to our Islam thats a part of our responsibility...our responsibility towards people!!

L u D a said...

are you .. who i think u are? comicsans?

Anonymous said...

nope...not comicsans!