Monday, August 10, 2009

miniature bliss packets

He unsealed the black box from its plastic covering and opened the lid. The aroma of 'carefully selected tobacco, blended to perfection' hit him and brought about an unlikely calm.

He placed the filtered end of the white tube on the edge of his lips, inhaled deeply, and lit up the other end. The first drag burnt his insides with a pain he'd come to terms with.

The tea arrived in time for him to grease the inners of his esophagus with its warmth. The second drag was alot smoother, as his lungs adjusted to the smoke and his nerves calmed around the misty intruder.

He sucked on the filter another time, while the light on the other end came closer. The ecstacy finally started to settle, as his head spun for the first time. He was only half way through and the thought that there is another half to go, made him smile. He rushed another sip of the hot liquid down his throat, eager for the next drag, a better buzz.

His lips quivered now, as he released the smoke from behind his teeth. The sensation had begun its ascention into his head. Slowly taking over, like a gentle lover. Sweet and mysterious.

As his hands fell to his sides, his fingers trembeled with the rush. The warm breeze of midnight forced him to stare down at his own shadow; depicting a man who's grown obese with time and weak with cheap thrills. He glanced back up as his silhouette danced in the luminescence of speeding headlights.

With the light so close, that he could touch it with his fingers; he inhaled a deep last draft and let the lungs absorb the nicotine. His head spun again and his body buzzed with goosebumps. Just like he imagined!

He shifted his weight to the other leg, dropping the burnt roll of paper on the floor - still sparkling with hope; he let the radiance live.

And as he walked away, abandoning his semi filled foam cup of tea, he smiled to himself;

'sometimes you want to sleep with the taste'.


Sachiko said...

love d description...

Habeeb said...

they should write this on cigarette packets instead of those warning :P