Friday, March 31, 2006


its been a while will be an understatement.

I havent been doing what i usually do. At least not for sometime now. All for the good though. Infact for the VERY GOOD (Alhumdulillah). Lately so many things have happened that, according to a friend, I always have a sentence with GUESS WHAT when we chat. MashALLAH. Allah's blessed me with things I havent even imagined. And it scares me. May be I am getting all this in compensation of what I am going to loose in the Hereafter. May Allah forbid. and May Allah Bless.

SO the no.1 most important thing that happened lately, was the Award. Award for scoring the highest In my Design and Tech Alevels Exams all over the WORLD!! ..

Unbelievable I know. Unexpected, very much! I couldnt digest the news until I had it in my hands at the prize distribution ceremony. I am pretty much still in the state of awe and there isnt any limit to thank ALLAH for such an accredation.

This really made me question my decision for changing lines. It was like a cold nudge which had a loving warmth in the heart of it, making me know how good I can be (alhumdulillah). Nonetheless I have moved on and I would like to think God has made me create a benchmark and change sides.

Speaking of moving on, which I have surely gone deep into and continuously sinking; I have joined KPMG as an intern. KPMG is the no.1 auditing firm (client wise) in UAE and the 4th largest in the world; thereby forming part of the BIG 4 of the world. The offices are in Emirates Towers ;) .. but thats just the perk which does not over shadow the 12am-4am sessions of the Audit Assistants and Seniors in those offices. Its one hell of a tiring schedule the people have got and each one's competing to be the best in the better. A golden under-rule in the firm states 'Join KPMG = Forget Life'. And it's pretty obvious, coz nothing starts at 3 in the morning.

Nevertheless, the badge that KPMG brings and the honor of being an auditor who can just clean sweep a company's ass is SWEETAH! I know if I am ever to join as an employee I'd be fried to the point that I'll have to let go of the gaming passion. But like they say 'Kuch paanay kay liye Kuch khona parta hai' = 'To gain something you gotta lose something'.

Likewise though there hasnt been any art flowing from anywhere of myself. I havent drawn in months and poetry's become a different language. Seems like the 'switch' has taken a toll on me. At the moment its just, Me KPMG Classes and Game Review. Internet has become a gettaway but it doesnt last long.

And oh yeah, I got my license! :D and so much awesome to drive my mom's accord :D! MUAHAHA! Its been less than a month, and I am already flashed! I got a speeding ticket last night 1:45 in the morning, Sheikh Zayed Road. It was a 100kmph road, and I was at 140kmph. I have no idea how much will it be, anyone got any idea? And even though it was more of shock struck situation when the camera sparked a white tube on my windscreen, it was kinda nice to see how it flashes ;) .. :P But I wouldnt want to be ticketed again thats for sure. Although I think i will ask them to gimme the picture (dxb police dept) and will put it in my cupboard as the very first CAUGHT ON CAMERA ;) :o

Till whenever I am free again. Ma3salaam and tc

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comicsans said...

Allah is never unjust in the least degree: If there is any good (done), He doubleth it, and giveth from His own presence a great reward. ( An nisa women, ayat 40)

WELL..Allah has rewarded you for your good deeds. May God bless you more even in the Here-After.Ameen

"A true Muslim is thankful to Allah in prosperity, and resigned to His will in adversity."

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. are u ready to pay the dxb police a 100 Dhs. to get your photo :p

EleKtra said...

Lol!! LOLL!!! Luvdd IT!! the last part was terribly KEWLL!!! Seriously!!! Ermm as far as inoe it wnt cost more than 150 unless anew law passed on after u got ure licence :P

Ne way awesum post + May Allah give u more izzat Ameen!!


Adnan S said...

ASsalamu A'alaikum

It's hard to believe that I know the person who got the highest in his DNT project in the whole wide world...MashaAllah and may Allah Grant you more success both in this world and the Hereafter!

deathberry said...

Homeboy just you wait and see....we'll be having some major kick ass time soon, Allah willing ;)

comicsans said...

u got highest in project or theory or both altogether?

L u D a said...

they said highest mark in the exam.

Exam is a total consolidation (accnting term ;)) .. of both.

So its both altogether ALHUMDULILLAH :D

AND JazaakALLAH .. for all the well wishes .. :D AMEN!!!